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Welcome to WIT Accounting

What Do We Do

Here at WIT Accounting, we provide fully serviced accounting, business and financial advice for sole traders, limited companies and people with side hustles or additional income. We work with a diverse range of clients including Uber and Deliveroo drivers, Airbnb and Vrbo hosts, crafty creators on Etsy, online sellers, digital entrepreneurs, social influencers, and up-and-coming stars on YouTube, Twitch, OnlyFans, and more. 

We take away the boring side of things to give you time to do what you do best. Whether you need to file a Self-Assessment tax return or want positive, smart business and financial advice, we’re here to help because you are Worth IT.

Fully Managed Company Accounts

Don’t get overwhelmed by the filing deadlines and penalties associated with running your own company, it is vital that your accounts are dealt with efficiently and you know the amount of tax you need to pay well in advance. Our flexible service responds to your changing needs as you and your business grow.


Bookkeeping can cost you time and money. We remove the stress for new entrepreneurs by providing a fast, cost-effective and reliable service tailored to suit your needs. Staying on top of your bookkeeping will help maintain a healthy cash flow for your business and allow you to spot trends in your finances early on.

Self-Assessment Tax Returns

Self-assessment doesn’t need to be complicated or overwhelming. WIT Accounts is here to make it easy for you. Complete our straightforward questionnaire and we’ll do the rest for you, all that you have to worry about it making the payment, and we’ll talk you through this as well.

Pick & Mix

If our Fully Managed option doesn’t suit your needs, WIT Accounting provides our full range of services as individual items. From Active Account Filing to company formations to payroll. WIT Accounting is here to help. Pick and Mix your own custom package from our full range of services to meet your needs.

Self-Assessment Fees

Standard Self-Assessment Processing (X1 Income Stream & Any PAYE Income

£210 Including VAT

Additional Rental Income (x1 Rental Income

An Additional £30 Including VAT

Additional Income Stream (x1 Income Stream)

An Additional £30 Including VAT


Changed On A Pro-Rata At £20 Per Hour Required Including VAT


Here’s how we can help with your company accounts:

Pick & Mix Menu

All Prices Inc VAT
  • Company setup, Tax Registration and first year of filing £840
  • Company Formations (x1 Director/Shareholder): £24.00
  • Company Formations (+1 Additional Director/Shareholder/Per Company): £30.00
  • Tax Registration (Per Tax): £38.40
  • Active Accounts Filing (Fully Reconciled Digital Records): From £420
  • If unreconciled, further costs will apply (Quote given)
  • Dormant Accounts Filing: £240
  • Final Accounts (Inc Comp Dissolution): £440.40
  • Confirmation Statement Filing: £45.00
  • Company Formations (+1 Additional Director/Shareholder/Per Person): £24.00
  • Bookkeeping (Accountancy Software, Digital, & Hard Copies): £20.00 per Hour
  • Employee Onboarding, PAYE & Pension Enrolment - Contact us for a Quote
  • Employee KYC Check £7.20
    (can be Requested when adding an employee to payroll)
  • Part-Managed Payroll (Up to 5 Employees) £18/month
  • Fully Managed Payroll (up to 5 employees) £24/month
  • Fully and Part-Managed Payroll for any number of Employees - contact us for a Bespoke Quote
  • B2B Client Quarterly Credit Check: £24.00
  • Crypto Currency (Up To 3000 Transactions) £300.00
  • Crypto Currency (+ 3000 Transactions) £66.00

Fully Managed Service

All Prices Inc VAT
  • Fully Managed (x1 Ltd Co/income + PAYE income)
  • Monthly Bookkeeping (up to 4 hours per month)
  • Monthly PAYE and RTI Submissions
  • Monthly Payroll for one Director
  • End of Year Accounts, CT & VAT filing
  • Self-Assessment for one Director
  • Company Confirmation statement filing
  • Ltd Company Formation
  • Annual Tax Review

If you need any additional services for your business, we can recommend companies that can assist with insurances, websites and marketing. Just ask!